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First of all, I must tell you that we are a reputable company and legitimate. But we are a group of individuals that provide loans are also investments for people in need of funding to finish their project. It is important to understand that we are a group of individuals in partnership with the banks for the simple reason that it is necessary to translate bank loans of our customers receive the monthly payment and the management of the transaction until the maturity of the loan.
The key is to remember that this is not the bank that lends you the money, but the physical of the person. Only, it takes the bank, which will serve as an intermediary between you and us.

Here's our character:
1. You must be an adult, and a responsible person, whose age must be 18 to 70 years;
2. The interest rate is 3% per year for the duration of the loan;
3. The duration of repayment of the loan by the applicant of the loan must be in the range of 06 to 360 months (30 years);
4. Please be aware that we need to provide personal information and documents that will be used to verify your identity, your address and the state of your bank. These documents will also be used in the construction of your credit report;
5. Remember also, that you need to sign a loan contract, which is also a recognition of debt. This loan agreement will be based on the loan, and will be the basis for the decision, that the second part will be invited to run in accordance with the terms of the loan contract;
6. The repayment of the loan generally begins 3 months after the signing of the credit documents;
7. You can repay all or part of the loan, at any time, without penalty , in the terms and conditions of the credit agreement, that you are going to sign;
8. You are not obliged to provide all the evidence that the use of the loan. You can do what you want, that your credit ,because it is you, but you must do your best to pay your monthly repayments;
9. You can ask for help to harmonize the increase of the loan up to 6 months after signature of the loan contract;
10. You can request the impossibility of deferred payment of payment of three (3) times during the term of the loan.

We would like to say that we are serious people, who give out loans ranging from 10,000 euros to more than 500.000.000 euros with an interest rate of 3% with a repayment plan of 6 months to 30 years. We make loans to people serious and honest, who are willing to pay us back.

So, if you are ready to take advantage of our offers, please tell us that:
*So what is the amount of funding for your project?
*What would be the duration of the repayment of the funds?

Please tell us the details.

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