Описание проекта
Creative and productive Game Company which has been opened since 2020 Not Officially, but we shall see the near future about this Game Company I want to open officially.

This game is a MMORPG Game, with an opportunity cross-platform system

- Open World, and interactive fantasy world
- Game for Young people and higher with an opportunity to customize characters
- Interesting quests and Voice Chat
- PVP/PVE with Amazing Combat system, not really, I will make it look good.
- Interesting game soundtracks
- Good storyline ( I will find a good story writer from around the globe )
- Amazing 3D Designers, the game will look good and optimized for all platforms

Robots versus Humans, a long war has been going for a long time, like years of thousands. But, robots were dominating upon the humans for a long time, but someone modified neuralinks which are inside human brains, so they can think way more Faster, super-reaction, interactive User interface , and more!

- 2  types of race will be available = Robots / Humans
- types of planets, people and robots could visit
- Areas = a hot spot or neutral zone
- with interesting guns and skills
- parkour system that will look good for eyes, something like assassin's creed
- Realistic Combat System, like Batman games

Those are major priorities I want to make it come true.

Sandbox game, interactive fantasy world

Winterframe now is trying to find an investor who ready to invest $$$, we will make a result For You. Also, You can co-op personally, We are always open to everybody who is interesting into this.

Money will be used to hire people, and use freelancers, to make the game look good and well. This is the reason I want to find an investor, to simply create a Team.

A little bit about myself, I am 18 year-old boy from Belarus, when I was a kid, like 3 year old, I was playing videogames like hell, and Now when I turned 18, I still feel like Videogames equal my life, I want to work with people who wanna make games also, I am ready to create job spaces.

Nowadays , Mobile games are getting more popular among us, and computer games also, a lot of people like me on the planet we call Earth L0ve playing videogames, and they think that it is their life also, we play games for entertain ourselves , but my time has come, I want to create games instead of playing them, I feel like it is more interesting, also I am a 3d Game Designer, I can model, animate, texture and More!
So I know the whole game process tho!

Please, if you are interesting, contact my email: veripprod@gmail.com

Any other information would be a confidential case
Цель проекта
To entertain people around the globe and whole black Universe in space we call this Life.just to have Fun and stay Happy, the game is about being a sort of that.
Текущее состояние
Current statement now is not that good as you could think about it, in Active development, as you see I am tryna find an investor, Big Daddies
Годовая прибыль
0$ now, but with a success it would be mills of bills
Годовой объём продаж
I can't say anything Right now
No Team. With No money - it is hard to create a Team honesly, that's why we have Platforms such as linkedin, Indeed and more! just imagine, I have money now and I am a sugar daddy untill got fired and my life went sick, but it is not happened currently, I'm not worrying about anything . If no money - no team. nowadays Reality.
Риски проекта
Risks always present, I can't say that this project has a High level of success or low.
Решение (продукт или услуга)
Valve, Blizzard, Activision, Moonton, almost everybody.
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